MOC 20246 – Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud


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aktuelles Kursleiterpaket 20246DTK
Software Assurance Training Voucher SATV Ja
Sprache EN
Dauer 5 Tage
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  • Module 1: Introduction to the Cloud Model
    • Overview of the Cloud Computing Model
    • Requirements for a Private Cloud
    • Requirements for a Public or Hybrid Cloud
    • Operating a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with System Center
    • Maintaining the Health of a Cloud
    • Integrating System Center Components
  • Module 2: Configuring a Private Cloud Environment
    • Overview of System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager
    • Managing the Virtual Environment with Virtual Machine Manager
    • Creating Clouds
  • Module 3: Deploying Cloud Services
    • Overview of Service Templates
    • VMM Profiles
    • Web Deploy Packages
    • Overview of Server App-V
    • Data-Tier Application Packages
    • Deploying Services through App Controller
  • Module 4: Monitoring Cloud Based Applications
    • Overview of System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager
    • Agent Deployment in Operations Manager
    • Configuring Custom Monitoring
    • Monitoring the Network Infrastructure
    • Monitoring Distributed Applications
  • Module 5: Configuring Application Performance Monitoring
    • Application Performance Monitoring
    • Advanced Monitoring in APM
    • Viewing Application Performance Data in Operations Manager
  • Module 6: Operating and Extending Service Management in the Private Cloud
    • Overview of Service Manager
    • Configuring Security and User Roles
    • Configuring Work Items
    • Configuring Incident Queues
    • Configuring Service Offerings for a Cloud
  • Module 7: Automating Incident Creation, Remediation, and Change Requests
    • Overview of System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator
    • Integrating Orchestrator with Operations Manager and Service Manager
  • Module 8: Problem Management in the Private Cloud
    • Overview of Problem Management
    • Creating Custom Rules
  • Module 9: Automating Self-Service Provisioning
    • Installing and Configuring the System Center Cloud Services Process Pack
    • Cloud Services Configuration Items
    • Cloud Services Request Items
  • Module 10: Operating a Self-Service, Multi-tenant Cloud with Windows Azure Pack
    • Windows Azure Pack Key Concepts
    • Administer Windows Azure Pack
    • Windows Azure Pack Providers
  • Module 11: High Availability, Protection, and Recovery for the Cloud
    • High Availability for a Cloud
    • Protecting Data in the Private Cloud
    • Recovering Data in the Private Cloud
  • Module 12: Optimizing Your Cloud Infrastructure
    • Using Virtual Machine Manager to Keep the Cloud infrastructure Up-To-Date
    • Using Configuration Manager to Keep Virtual Machines Up-To-Date
    • Using System Center Advisor to Optimize Cloud infrastructure
    • Using Pro-Tips to Optimize Cloud infrastructure
  • Module 13: Configuring SLAs, Dashboards, and Widgets
    • Service Level Tracking
    • Configuring and Deploying Widgets and Dashboards
    • Publishing Real-Time State with Microsoft Visio Snap-in
    • System Center Analytics
    • Using Excel and SSRS to View Data
    • Configuring Service Reporting