SCSM 2012 R2 – Step by Step Basic Install – Data Warehouse Server Install and Register

This is the second Step after installing the Management Server.

Install the Data Warehouse Management server

Start the System Center Service Manager 2012 R2 Installation Wizard from the SCSM 2012 R2 iso and choose Service Manager data warehouse management Server:

Eval or Not:

Choose the installation path:

Coffee time:

Possibly a memory warning, but it will still work:

You need an already installed SQL Server with an instance for the DW Databases:

Further Database configuration:

Choose a management group name and set your AD Service Manager Admin group:

Configure the Reporting Server / Services:

Set your AD Services Account:

Set your AD Reporting Service Account:

Configure Analysis Services:

Set your AD Account for the Analysis Services:


Participate or not:

Set automatic Updates or not:

Check the Summary and click install:

Watch the installation:

Coffee Time!


Backup the SCSM Encryption Key

Backup the key:

Set the installation Path:

Set teh encryption Password:


Click Finish after the Backup is complete:


Register the Datawarehouse with the SCSM Management Server

On your System Center Service Manager 2012 R2 Management Server, you can open the console and klick on Register with Service Manager Data Warehouse:

The wizard opens:

Set your already installed Datawarehouse Server and check if the connection works:



Set the password for the AD service account:

Check the summary and click create:


Check the results: