SCSM 2012 R2 – Step by Step Basic Install – Management Server

Installing the Service Manager Management Server


  • Create a Service Manager Admin Group in AD. Call it, for example, SM_Admins
  • Create a Service Account in AD for the Service Manager Service, for example SM_Services
  • Create a Service Account in AD for the Service Manager Workflow, for example SM_Workflow
  • Install ReportViewer on the SCSM Management Server
    You can find it under „amd64Prerequisites“ on the SCSM iso.
  • A SQL Server and an instance for the Service Manager Databases is needed.

Install the Service Manager management server – Step by Step

  • Run the setup.exe on the SCSM iso

Choose Service Manager Management Server:

Enter Product Key or install as Trial:

Change or leave the default Location:

A Memory Warning, but it still works:

Configure your SQL Server Instance:

Choose a Management Group Name and pick your AD Service Manager Admin Group

Use the Service Manager Service Account:

Use the Service Manager Workflow Account:

Participate or not, depending on your environment:

Enable automatic Updates, depending on your environment:

Read the Summary for your System Center Service Manager 2012 R2 Installation:

Watch the beautiful animated install screen: :)

This will take a while ………… Coffee Time!


Backup the System Center Service Manager encryption key

When install finishes, check the upper checkbox and close.

The Wizard starts automatically:

Choose Backup the Encryption Key:

Provide the location:

Provide a top secret password and store it at a safe place :)

Click Finish to complete!


After installing the Management Server you can go on and install the Datawarehouse Server.